Highnovate focus is on creating new innovative ideas for rope access solutions. We are constantly working on new ideas to solve the problems that we or our colleagues encounter. We also offer our experience and know-how to others, who have ideas but do not know how to make the way into the final product.

From an Idea to a product – tell us your idea, and we will harness our knowledge, experience and design capabilities in order to get to a ready-to-use product. Highnovate offers our team and manufacturing facility for entrepreneurs who would like to develop a new product.
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Rope access is serious business. We always support our customers with the needed training for the products. We offer full courses and work-shops which train you in correct and safe use of the products, and teach you new techniques based on our vast experience. Highnovate is working only with qualified guides who have many years of field experience and are familiar with the needs.
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Since we are very close to the end-users, we are called from time to time to consult about the best way to solve a problem involving rope access. Highnovate performs an evaluation and can offer a solution to rope access problems, involving products or techniques or a unique combination of both.
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