Our team develops unique and innovative solutions for technical problems in the field of working at heights and in enabling access to far-reach points.

The company’s focus is on customers who use working at heights for industrial or tactical purposes such as rescue missions and law enforcement operations.

Idan Peretz

BSc. Mech Eng. , MBA.
Formerly the head of the Israeli Military school of climbing, search and rescue missions.
Senior climbing instructor and a certified senior rappelling (abseil) instructor of the Israeli school of trainers and instructors. Over 25 years of experience in teaching the field.
Volunteers as a team leader in the Judea Desert Rescue Team for over 20 years. Senior consultant in the fields of rescue missions and working at heights.

Be’eri Katznelson

Practical Mech. Eng.
Over 20 years of experience in climbing. Over 30 years of developing innovative solutions for the security sector in Israel.
Be’eri has led multi-disciplinary teams that include mechanics, robotics, material sciences and electronics. He has developed complex mechanical solutions for a variety of customers ranging from medical devices companies, homeland security customers and major industrial plants.


Highnovate is backed by a 60 years experienced company in the fields of development, engineering and manufacturing.
The company has proven abilities in implementation of projects with several disciplines: starting with the idea, through engineering to the working product.
Highnovate offices and R&D center is located at the Ceasaria Industrial Park, an Israeli hightech hub.


- Mechanical design engineering
- Electro mechanical engineering
- Hydraulic systems engineering
- Experimental design facilities- Height working platforms

The company runs independent manufacturing facilities in many disciplines

- Sophisticated machining products in various sizes
- Assembling lines and machines
- Many materials welding capabilities
- 3D printing equipment
- Testing and evaluation for new products
- Maintenance and support services

The final products are manufactured in the USA by Rock Exotica. The name Rock Exotica is well known to anyone in the field of rope access, being one of the best and most innovative companies for many years. We are proud to work together and to combine Highnovate's Ideas and Rock Exotica's experience ,QA and Services.